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A SAAS enabled smart grievance management system for governance.

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About ThePadosi

ThePadosi is a SAAS enabled system working towards ensuring the efficiency and accountability of governance.
We are more focused on bringing the actual meaning of democracy where each and every citizen holds the equal democratic rights.

1 857 Politicins on board.
2 342+ issues resolved.
3 Impacted more than 1.5 Million People.
4 Supported by NITI Aayog, U.P. Government & AIC-BIMTECH.


Neighbour Interaction

Connect with your neighbours and make your society interactive and helpful.

Raise collective Voice for a change.

Raise your collective voice for societal issues as campaigns on ThePadosi and get it resolved by the concerned authorities.

Ask your Neighbour

Access the neighbourhood knowledge base and share your knowledge using Q&A section.

Hire trusted service providers from your locality.

Listing and reviews of in-locality service providers.

Avail offers & Deals from a wide range of merchants.

Avail offers & Deals on local merchants as well as with the merchants having pan India presence.

Earn credits and monetize

Earn credits by raising issues from your locality and monetize it in socially as well as with our merchants.

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Download ThePadosi and help us making governance effective, efficient and accountable.

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